Florida Fishing License – When you Don’t Need It ?

These are the days when all anglers can fish in Florida waters without having a license.

License free freshwater fishing days in Florida for 2014:Make your Own Plastic Lures

  • April 5, Saturday
  • April 6, Sunday
  • June 14, Saturday
  • June 15, Sunday

License free Saltwater Fishing days in Florida for 2014

  • June 7, Saturday
  • June 8, Sunday
  • September 6, Saturday
  • November 29, Saturday

License free Freshwater Fishing days for 2015 and beyond

  • First Saturday and Sunday of April
  • Second Saturday and Sunday of June

License free Saltwater Fishing days for 2015 and beyond

  • First Saturday and Sunday of June.
  • First Saturday of September.
  • Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Who doesn’t need a License to Fish in Florida

Florida Fishing License Exemptions:

Some of the exemptions listed here applies to Florida residents only. Please make sure you are a resident to consider yourself one of the following groups. Some wildlife management areas do not allow exemptions. Check area regulations to find out if your exemption will be applicable in the wildlife management area you are fishing.

If your age is below 16 or over 64, you may not require recreational licenses. However, park rangers or officers might ask for proof of age and proof of. Non resident seniors will still need a recreational fishing permit / license. But for fishing with a charter boat with a captain, you do not require a license.

Food Stamp Exemption mentioned below only applies to residents of Florida, when fishing in Saltwater, from the shore or from a pier or any other structure attached to the shore.

If you are one of the following categories, you may fish without getting a Florida Fishing License in Freshwater or Saltwater:

  • Your age is under 16 years.
  • You are a resident of the Sunshine State, older than 64, posses a Resident Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing Certificate. Resident seniors can obtain a Complimentary Hunting & Fishing Certificate for free from the county tax collector’s office.
  • You Freshwater fish in your, your spouse’s or your minor child’s county of homestead. Or if you are a minor fishing in your parent’s county of homestead.
  • You are a Permanently disabled resident posses a Resident Disabled Person Hunting & Fishing License.
  • You are a resident, member of the the US military, home on leave for 30 days or less.
  • You are accompanying, filming or observing someone else who’s fishing with a permit.

Exemptions for Freshwater Fishing License:

  • If you are a client of Developmental Disabilities Services (Proof required).
  • You are fishing in a private fishing pond smaller than 20 acres that has no connection with any natural flowing water.
  • You are fishing in a private fishing pond 20 acres or larger whose owner has purchased a fish pond license.
  • You posses resident Freshwater Commercial Fishing License.
  • You posses a Georgia Fishing License and fishing in St. Mary’s River or Lake Seminole.
  • You are resident, fishing in your own county, not fishing in a management area, fishing with non mechanical equipment.

Exemptions for Saltwater Fishing License:

  • You are a client of Developmental Disability Services (must have proof).
  • You fish from a chartered vessel that has a vessel license.
  • You are a resident, fishing for mullet in freshwater with a Florida Resident Freshwater Fishing License.
  • You are a resident, fishing for non commercial purpose, using live bait and not using any mechanical line retrival tool, fishing in your own county. (not applicable to fish management areas).
  • You are fishing in Free Saltwater Fishing Days.

Florida Fishing License – Who to get it from ?

Where to buy a Florida Fishing License ?

Recreational fishing licenses and permits can be purchased online. Florida fishing license can also be bought from retailers where hunting and fishing goods are sold, county tax collectors office, bait and tackle shops also will have them for purchase by residents and nonresidents. For more info on Price and Types of Florida Fishing Licenses please check our “Saltwater Fishing License” and “Freshwater Fishing License”.Son and Dad fishing in Florida

The Florida government agency responsible for managing the state’s Fish and Wildlife resources is Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission aka FWC. They are the ones who implement and monitor Florida Fishing License and other fishing and wildlife related regulations. FWC not only work as a law enforcement agency for wild life related issues, they also manage, research and support other fisheries and wildlife related matters. FWC works side by side with Florida department of Environmental Protection (DEP). DEP serves as a environmental regulatory agency for the Sunshine State enforcing environmental legislation.

Since FWC was formed on July 1st 1999, Florida Fishing License, hunting and trapping licenses are being governed by them.

To do any kind of fishing in Florida you will need a license unless its on private property. Unless you fish on “Free Fishing Days”. Florida Fishing License can be purchased from various retailers, baits and tackle shops and even online. There are some regulations and criteria to qualify to different categories of licenses. There are special programs for kids, special ease of requirements for veterans and service men.

For more information on price and type of Florida Fishing Licenses, please visit our Saltwater Fishing License and Freshwater Fishing License.

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